Laurie Hoff Schaad

Using a variety of healing modalities, I partner with you on your own unique journey into emotional and physical health and well-being. Each session is different and may include one or more of these healing modalities in which I am professionally certified.

Healing Modalities

The BodyTalk System: an internationally used, non-invasive health care system that addresses the unique underlying causes of your symptoms. We are all equipped by nature to enjoy perfect health. Daily stresses and traumas break down the communication and synchronization within our systems.

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique): an easy, painless process that anyone can learn for releasing traumas, negative beliefs, limiting behaviors, allergies, and the emotional aspects and/or causes of any physical conditions. Download a remarkable story here.

My own unique form of energy healing: intuitively led work in which you simply lie on the massage table and receive healing energy through me. This form of healing balances the energies in your system and reduces or eliminates pain, stress, fatigue, depression and other physical and emotional complaints.

You as an evolving being

Each of us is meant to be constantly evolving. The creation of our vibrant, authentic self is an ongoing, cyclical process. We are born, we grow and develop, and we change; always, we change. Each of us is designed to become ever more fully the wonderful being that we were always meant to be.

How I can help

In my practice, I partner with you, the client, to address the physical and emotional issues and challenges on your unique healing journey. I listen deeply to you — to your words and to your unconscious innate wisdom — to best facilitate your healing. I help you identify and shed old wounds and mistaken or outdated beliefs that block your energy and life force, throwing your system out of balance. And I offer tools and approaches that you can use on your own to support your healing.