The BodyTalk® System

The origins of BodyTalk

Partly in response to his own “unsolvable” chronic health challenges, and drawing on his extensive background in alternative medicine and energy healing, Dr. John Veltheim founded and began his on-going development of BodyTalk in the mid-1990s. BodyTalk began in Brisbane, Australia, but has now spread to countries all around the world, achieving remarkable clinical success.

We are all equipped by nature to enjoy perfect health

Each of us is equipped by nature with an amazing, intricate body/mind system that has the ability to keep us in radiant, glowing health at all times. In this system every part of us is designed to be in constant communication with all other parts, continuously adjusting their functioning to achieve healthy balance within the parts and the system as a whole.

Stress and trauma break down communication

The only reason that we aren’t all walking around as pictures of perfect, glowing health is that daily stresses and traumas of one sort or another break down the communication and synchronization within our system.

Traumas are not always what we would expect

Traumas that break down our systems’ communication include not only experiences that you and I would recognize as traumatic, such as assaults, accidents, or loss of loved ones, but many others as well. Ordinary stresses of modern life; traumas that happened to our great-great-grandfather that altered the course of the family and its dynamics; traumas that we never experienced directly but observed, whether in person or through the media: all these and more disrupt our equilibrium, and thus our emotional and physical health.

Neutralizing traumas can keep our systems in balance

When we experience a stress or trauma we need to take steps to neutralize the emotional and physical ‘charge,’ allowing our system to rebalance. When we don’t know that we need to do this, or don’t have any idea how to go about it, the large and small traumas that continue to occur in the normal course of human life build up. New communication break-downs in our system layer upon earlier ones and the effect on our bodies and minds grows exponentially. If these break-downs go untended, we eventually experience emotional imbalances and physical dysfunctions and diseases. Over time, the effects continue to grow.

The innate wisdom within you knows what is needed

In a BodyTalk session I take my directions from your body’s innate wisdom, wisdom that lies beyond your conscious awareness. This innate wisdom knows which communication break-downs need to be addressed and neutralized and in what order. It makes no difference how long ago the precipitating trauma took place, or how severe it was; in BodyTalk, all are fair game. Though, as in any health care system, results cannot be guaranteed, for a great many people BodyTalk is highly effective in addressing maladies for which other healthcare approaches have no solutions.

The BodyTalk System addresses underlying causes rather than symptoms.

Rather than treating your symptoms, The BodyTalk System addresses the unique underlying causes of your symptoms, thus facilitating your body/mind system’s ability to do that which it is designed and equipped to do. One hundred people with very similar presenting conditions would have one hundred unique “packages” of underlying causes, and some would be remarkably dissimilar from one another.

Saving Socks’ life with AnimalTalk

A few years ago, just weeks after studying AnimalTalk, I was given reason to be infinitely thankful for what I’d just learned. I was on the phone one evening when my daughter screamed in panic, “Mom! Socks [our cat] is vomiting blood!” I ran, but saw immediately that he wasn’t vomiting at all; he’d been hit by a car and his face and body were badly mangled. How had he dragged himself to our house and in through the cat door?

Instinctively I put my hands on him and immediately started doing energy work—and then he died. It was only then that I remembered AnimalTalk! Yelling for my son to sit down in front of me, I began to do emergency AnimalTalk on Socks, through David as the surrogate. After what seemed an eternity but must have been just a minute or two, our beloved kitty came back. And I kept right on working.

As my then-husband drove us to the 24-hour emergency vet’s office, I kept up the AnimalTalk on Socks through my son. I continued to work on him this way in the vet’s office, even after the vet took our injured kitty back into the examining room.

When the vet came out to talk to us he was clearly stunned. He said that this was one very badly injured kitty: his jaw was broken completely in two and his leg and shoulder were shattered. And yet, his vital signs were all normal, which was completely unheard of. “It’s not the broken bones that kill these little guys,” he said, “It’s the shock. I don’t understand it, but your kitty simply isn’t in shock.” I must have been in shock myself, because I never told him why.

After Sock’s fur grew back from the surgery (in which a specialist wired his jaw back together and attached the various pieces of leg and shoulder bone together with hardware) you would never have known that this kitty had even been injured. Today, years later, Socks is still an active and important member of our family.

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