Tapas Acupressure Technique®

How TAT can benefit you today

TAT is an easy, painless process for permanently releasing traumas; freeing you of fears, phobias, negative beliefs, and unwanted, limiting, behaviors; maintaining weight loss; reducing or eliminating allergic reactions; and releasing the emotional aspects and/or foundations of any and all illnesses and physical dysfunctions. This is a remarkable, empowering tool that can bring greater peace and fulfillment into your life, just as it has for countless people all over the world.

How TAT works

Originated by Tapas Fleming in 1993, TAT is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It allows natural—usually untapped—healing energy to gently and powerfully heal stress, traumas, and negative beliefs without the necessity of reliving anything. The emotional “charge” quickly dissolves, neutralizing that which previously troubled you, and leaving you in a state of greater energy, personal empowerment, and inner peace. Physical conditions may need to be addressed directly, or may dissolve in the process of addressing traumas and mistaken beliefs.

What takes place in a session

In a TAT session, you touch certain acupressure points while focusing inwardly on a series of specific statements, one by one. You simply watch—and report to me—whatever you experience. This can include visual images, thoughts, feelings, memories, physical sensations, even sounds and aromas. My job is to hold a safe space for you, guide you, discern where we need to focus, and support your process.

Clearing even an extreme trauma is not traumatic

Even when dealing with extreme traumas, clients generally experience little in the way of intense emotions. When they do come up, they’re never overwhelming, nor do they last for more than a few moments. Traumas can dissolve without even having to consciously remember them.

TAT changes lives

The relief that clients experience from TAT tends to be both remarkable and life changing. Clients generally enjoy the work, and even those who’ve historically had very low self-esteem make healing and empowering discoveries about themselves.

Using TAT on your own

Best of all, after experiencing TAT with a skilled practitioner, you can learn to effectively use TAT on your own to support your on-going healing and internal balance.

TAT for children, infants, and animals

TAT also works well for children and—in slightly modified form—infants and animals. Children come to the work without preconceptions of what can and can’t work, and tend to process TAT quickly and easily, in a fraction of the time that it takes adults.

TAT has been successfully used for:

  • addictions
  • allergies
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • natural disasters
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • physical conditions
  • relationship challenges
  • self-esteem
  • sexual abuse
  • sleep disorders and nightmares
  • trauma
  • weight loss
  • and more!

TAT is available to you wherever you live

TAT sessions are as effective over the phone as in person, so no matter where you live, you can work with me to enhance your life through TAT. I welcome your call or e-mail.

A Remarkable Story

Read how a TAT session for a suffering cat brought immediate and life-changing healing that rippled out to his entire family. Download here.


TAT was amazing in clearing the “recording” out of my head after a major car accident. I had an endless loop of the accident vividly playing over and over inside my brain, and couldn’t make it stop. One TAT session with Laurie and it stopped completely! The anxiety about driving, the guilt and all the other subconscious junk that I was carrying about the accident simply dissolved.

~~Lisa L., Caterer

TAT from Laurie has blessed me immensely. Opening doorways to new and healthier attitudes, TAT enables me to stretch and flourish, often in the midst of very challenging life circumstances. TAT replenishes me with the deepest sense of forgiveness, understanding and peace. By assisting me in removing blocks, TAT leads me into a greater communion with myself, others and my God. Laurie is a gifted facilitator of TAT. She has my highest recommendation.

~~Maurine P., High School Teacher

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